Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Have you heard "Superfoods"?

It is known as Madonna and Victoria Beckham are taking those for maintaining beauty.

Superfoods contain plenty various nutrition and most of them are low calories.

Also it is wonderful source of the essential nutrition (these are needed to your body but human body cannot create these).

Many of them are good for aging, diabetes and/or cancer.

Characters of Superfoods:

1. Effective to chronic diseases.
 American Heart Association, American Cancer society, National Cancer Institute and other research groups are reporting, "people who are taking Superfoods are excellent in health".

2. Whole foods.

3. Potentialization.
 Some nutrition in one food effect each other and that makes good effect for your beauty and health.

4. Simple and Positive.
 The rule of taking is NOT negative as "Do NOT do this". The rule is positive as "You better do this".

Group of Superfoods:

1. Vegetable group
 In general, Vegetables are good for your health. And Vegetable Superfoods are much better.
 Vegetable Superfoods contain high-density easy-digestive nutrition, fat burning compounds, vitamin and mineral that protect and heal your body.
 Vegetable Superfoods contain plenty chlorophyll. The researches say, "Chlorophyll has molecular structure that similar to human blood. So that increases number of hemoglobin". More hemoglobin induces more oxygen in your blood, which essential to glow the cells.

2. Honey group
 Honey is mentioned in the literatures of Egypt, which was written in 5,500 B.C.
 Native American used Honey for ceremony of religions in 1,000 B.C.
 Babylonian used Honey for medication.
 People in western countries find the effects of Honey when they were studying about Russian beekeepers who lived more than 100 years old.

3. Seaweed group
 Seaweeds contain plenty nutrition from sea. It contains plenty calcium that 10 times more than milk and 8 times more than beef. Components of Seaweeds are similar to blood plasma of human being. So it arranges blood system and cleans up them. It helps alkalization of blood and transforms toxin such as heavy metals, pollutant and byproducts of radiation to sodium that human body can eliminate.
 The remarkable functions are weight reduction and prevent producing cellulite. Seaweeds contain a lot of natural iodine that stimulates thyroid and it uses foods for energy before transformed to fat. At the same time, minerals works as electrolyte that breaks chemical compounds of fat cells, which maintains extra water in your body. Eating Seaweeds or taking Seaweeds-bath reduce cellulite and normalize lymphatic flow.

4. Herb group
 Herb is known as natural healing substance in several centuries. To use maximum effect of herb, recommended taking natural conditions' than taking only extract of them. Most herbs have attributions that work for particular part of body. So it is important to consider where the problem is in your body.

5. Fruits and Nuts group
 Free radicals (including active oxygen) destroy DNA. Some of destroyed cells transform to cancer. Many of Fruits and Nuts prevent the development of free radical and control the reaction of free radical. Clinical studies show the results that food supplements do NOT work as natural Fruits or Nuts do. On the contrary some of food supplements (vitamin tabs) made problems worse.

I will be introducing Superfoods one by one (of few) from next post.

Let's be healthy (*^ー゚)b ♪

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