Monday, September 19, 2011

How to Prevent Getting FAT even if you Eat at Late Night

You better not eat after 9 p.m.

However you have to eat al late night by some reasons some times.

You know that easy to ge fat if you eat late night,


there is some strategies to prevent to get fat even if you eat at late night.

1. Do not eat much in next morning after you ate late night.

You oftern do not feel hungry much in the morning after you ate late night. Do not eat much that time. The foods you ate whtn you are not hungry, easy to go to be FAT.

2. Rice is better than pasta or bread.

Rice is easy to be absorbed when it is compared to pasta or bread.
Wheat cools your body, which slower the metabolism.
Rice does not increase blood sugar as much as wheat does. (blood sugar up ☞ insulin chanes sugar to FAT)

3. Take warm soup.

When warm soup warmed up your internal organs, the digestion is accelerated.
Fat is hard to be burned in low temperature body. Keep warm your body.

4. Take chicken egg, red meat or fish at least twice a day.

Egg, meat and fish accelerate metabolism.

5. Take fermented foods.

I think most of people know that fermented foods help the digestion and the absorption.

6. Take beans.

Beans contain plenty protein, fiber and mineral. Those help the metabolism.
Furthermore beans effect to control female hormone.

A lot of people are misunderstanding that salad is very healthy.

No-no. ( ̄× ̄)b゙NG!!

Not very.

Salad is hard to be digested, which slower the organs work.
And most of time salad is cold, which slower the metabolism ☞ FAT stay in your body.
Often you feel "took a log of nutrition" after you ater salad, but salad's appearance is much more than actual volume.
Dressing possible to have very high calorie. I have heard the salad with dressing in McDonald's has much high calorie as Big Mac.

And vegan is not healthy.
How many vegans do you know older than average life span?
I still remember the biochemistry class in my master's course, "Animal protein is essential nutrition for human being, which nothing can be substitution" was an answer of the exam.

Generally, I eat one meal a day around 10 p.m. to midnight.

I eat steamed rice, tofu, and fish in most of time.

Umm... 「(ーヘー;)

That was the point of I am skinny although I am not trying to be. (१▽१*)

Steamed rice, scallion, seaweeks, fish with coarse tea (green tea is O.K. too)
It made me hungry now...

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