Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Superfoods: Apple and Blueberry

New series "Superfoods".

First food is

"Eat with peel for anti-aging"

Apple contains plenty phlyphenol, flavonioid, and vitamin C. These elements are good for anti-oxidant = anti-aging.
Apple also contains fiber that cleans up your stomach and intestines.
The fiber in an apple is 30% of daily requirement. However an apple has only 47 Calories in 100g (3.5oz).
Eating peel is recommended. Anti-oxidant elements in peel are 2 to 6 times more than in flesh.
Many researches report, "Apple prevents heart disease" too.
We may better eat at least an apple a day.
King of Apples: Fuji Apple from Fukushima (where THE nuclear plant located)
Don't worry about radiation if you are adult.
For kids? Call me I will explain about it.

"Prevent againg of brain include Alzheimer's disease"

Blueberry contains plenty polyphenol that is anti-oxidant as apples.
Many of researches report that is good for aging of brain include Alzheimer's disease.
Aging of brain is induced by lowered communications of brain cells. Blueberry activates this communications.
Blueberry (Duke) in Fukushima
These berries are huge!

By the way,
I do not really like Blueberry.

Not dislike but I have not bought that for myself.

That is why my brain does not work well lately?

Who said that!!??? \(*`∧´)/

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