Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do You Eat Slime?

Do you know them?
I guess most of you have seen them.

They are "Slime," a character of "Dragon Quest".

Do you know these?
Yes, these are Chashao Bun (meet bun).

And these are they.

Family mart (a big chain convenience store) started selling them today in Japan.

The marts are having a hard time keeping up with the demand for them, because the Slime Chashao Buns are too popular at first day of the sale.

They look so unhealthy, but they are healthy (I am not talking about Slime's health (゚∀゚*)).

Ingredients are pork, bamboo shoot, and onion.

Seasoned with soy source and oyster source.

The blue color on the skin is Gardenia.

The red on the mouth is Paprika.

The black on the eyeballs are charcoal.

All colors are by natural stuff.

I think McDonald's ought to make "Happy Meal" like them.

American kids should be liking them too.

Well, it is so Japanese though Ψ(`∀´)Ψ

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Parisiennes Love a Branch Toothbrush

What do you use to brush your teeth?
Oral B?

Haven't you felt African people (in Africa) have really white teeth?

It is in fashion in the women who are beauty experts in Paris.
In Africa, a little branch of Neem is used instead of plastic toothbrush.
The branch is about 5mm in diameter and about 10cm in length.

This branch looks like a pencil at first.
You should chew it again and again persistently.
The fiber at end of branch become untied little by little, and then it will be brush.
You can now brush your teeth and massage your gum.

At beginning, you do not like its sweet sour taste and hard brush touch.
However, you will feel immediately how it works.

Neem has natural whitening effect.
And you do not need toothpaste anymore.

The Neem for toothbrush is sold on the street in all over the place in Africa.
So people do not need to prepare it, but they can get anytime.

Do you want to try it to get white teeth?


Don't you wanna chew it to make brush?
Do you rather go to dentist and get laser whitening in Beverly Hills?

I know.

You don't like making any effort, right.

That is good too.

Your laziness helps this recession little bit. Ψ(`∀´)Ψ

By the way,
 where can I get Neem?(゚_。)?

Using Neem with this paste maybe more powerful?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Cat & Phone (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡

I used to have a smart cat.

She used toilet for human being, opened slide door.

Of course she did, "Give me your hand, Another hand, Sit, Down, Wait, Heel".

And she liked strawberry, custard, and Natto.

Once my friend said, "Stop mewing" when she was mewing.

She stopped immediately and said, "Bow".

However, she couldn't answer like this cat...

(click here to watch "the smart cat" video)

I want this guy to answer your call when I am in acupuncture practice.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Did You Eat Turkey? Σ^)/

How was your Thanksgiving dinner?

How was the Turkey?

In Japan, turkey is not really popular (at least when I was there).

I don't really know I have had turkey or not in Japan.

Of course I have had that in U.S.

Did you know? Turkey is originated in North America.

Turkey was transmitted to Europe in 16th century.

Turkey was imported to Japan in early 19th century from Holland.

That was right after Samurai era was done.

Their Japanese name is "Shichimen-cho," which means "Seven faced-bird".

Their head to neck are no feather, and those color change to red, blue, purple...

It is the reason to be named, "Seven faced-bird".

Therefore in some area of Japan, moody people are called Turkey.

By the way, did you eat a lot of potato too?

"Consume calories more than took" in this weekend, as I always say.

ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ・_・)┘

Turkey Ranger
Do you know him?
I don't...

Non-Good Effect, Increase Early Death Risk

Annals of Internal Medicine published,

food supplements (multi-vitamin etc.) do NOT effect for most of people, although there is the risk to increase the chance of early death.

Wall Street Journal reported that a research group who are mostly Minnesota University performed the study for 39,000 white women 19 years in average.

The result is, food supplements taker are higher rate of early death than non-takers in general.
However, calcium supplement takers are lower rate of early death.

Iron that is often prescribed to anemia is prominent.
The iron supplement takers have 3.9% higher rate of early death.

And multi-vitamin takers have 2.4% higher rate of early death.

Many of common senses are wrong often.

I wrote, "What FDA approves" several posts ago, which was not common sense of usual people, I guess.

"To intake nutrition from foods" is best way, if you can...

Yes, if you can...

I wish you could take enough nutrition from Thanksgiving meal today.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/ Σ^)/

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Naked Justice!

Recently I have been posting pretty much serious ingredients.

So let's take a little break (not negligence Ψ(`∀´)Ψ).

I just want to show you a funny (cannot say?) news.

Bad people are winning in this world all the time?

I don't think so.

That's naked justice! Laughing mob leaves handbag thief stripped to his socks in busy road (click here to article & video)

Humiliated: A thief (right) who stole an elderly woman's handbag was handed a taste of his own medicine - when he was caught and stripped naked in front of a crowd of hundreds

By the way,

do you think the old woman was lucky or unlucky?


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Foods in Restaurants Contain More Calories than Listed

Calorie Chart of Cheesecake Factory

Disclosing the calories in restaurant foods to customers holds promise as a strategy to lower the nation's obesity rate.
However, a new study of food items from national chain restaurants found that while stated calories on restaurant menus and websites were accurate on average, 19% of individual samples differed from laboratory measurements by more than 100 calories and lower calorie foods tended to contain more than listed.
(continue to read the article click here)

 I often tell to people that "you study about calories" is good thing.

And "if you consume calories more than intake, you never gain weight".

I was chubby until I start to play volleyball in Junior high school, I was taking some classes everyday for calligraphy, abacus (Asian traditional calculator), Karate and guitar though.

Work, run jump, dance, play with your friends and have some cheesecake.

How much calorie is this?
Enjoy (゚ー^*)d ♪♬♪♩

I do acupuncture for weight loss,

if you still want it.

Facebook Terra Acupuncture in Beverly Hills

Hello Kitty Tagging Picture
 Often people say, "in this economy...." or "most business are slow now".

They grieve this recession.

However, using Facebook is much important than large salary in young ages.

Freedom to use social media at work is more important than a large salary. (click here to article)

Young generation who never have experienced good economy know how to survive with small amount of salary?

By the way, I started my business page in Facebook.

If you are reading this blog at your work, please click "like" on right hand side of this blog.

Even if you are reading this in off time, please click "like".


Friday, November 18, 2011

Is Straight-Long Hair Old-Fashioned?

I found an interesting research in Japanese news.

Is "Straight-Long hair is overwhelmingly popular" a myth?

A women's website performed an opinion poll to men about women's hairstyle.


Most answer was, "Long to around breast," 35%.
Second most was, "Medium to around shoulder," 30%.

Still long hair is most popular, but 35% is less than expected.
20% of men answered, "Do not care length".
This result shows that totally matching to the individual is more important than Length.


Most answer was, "Do not have No-Good style (up to the individual)," 30%.
Second. One of 4 men answered, "Permanent curled hair (locks) is NG".
Third most answer was "very short bang is NG". (I think because this research was in Japan. Do you remember? Audrey Hepburn's short bang was so cute).


Most answer was, "Natural," 54%.
Second was, "Soft, Gentle," 50%.

These answers symbolize this research.

Hairdressers answered about popular hair.

Most popular was, "natural hair that not gaudy".
Second most was, "straight hair".
Third most was, "quiet color".

The point should be "Natural Womanliness".
These results look like; these are not only good for men but also for office (business).

I have many hairdresser friends, but I cannot cut your hair well.
However, I do hair enrichment by acupuncture and herbs.
If you are interested, please let me know (゚ー^*)d ♪

Seiko Cut
Seiko Matsuda: Singer, Actress
Her hairstyle was called "Seiko-chan Cut".
She and her hairstyle were very popular in end of 70's to early 80's.
Some hair salons did only this cut.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taking Vitamin E Increases the Risk of Prostate Cancer

A research team in Cleveland Clinic reported to Journal of the American Medical Association, which "Men who took a high daily dose of vitamin E had a 17% greater risk of developing prostate cancer".

Data from previous studies suggested that taking vitamin E might help protect men against prostate cancer, so Dr. Minasian and her colleagues at the NCI (National Cancer Institute) decided to take a closer look at the connection between the two.
Beginning in 2001, they started the Select trial, studying more than 35,000 men age 55 and older in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.
They divided the men into four groups, each with different kinds of daily diet supplements: vitamin E, selenium, both vitamin E and selenium, or a placebo pill.

"We expected that the numbers of prostate cancer would be smaller in men taking vitamin E, but we found larger numbers instead," Minasian said.

After 7 years, the researchers detected more prostate cancer in men taking one or both of the supplements, but the men taking vitamin E showed the most significant increase in their rates of prostate cancer.
And the numbers of prostate cancer diagnoses kept climbing after the men stopped taking the vitamins.
Of the 8,737 men taking vitamin E, 620 of them got prostate cancer, compared to 529 of the 8,896 men taking a placebo - a 17% increased risk for men taking the supplement.
(click here more information)

Food supplement pills are easy to take, but man made stuff often have negative factor too.

I think I have mentioned about overtaking Vitamin C in past post.

If you overtook Vitamin C by food, your body urinate out them.

In general, human been cannot overtake Vitamin C unless you take supplement tubs.

Overtaking of Vitamin C induces diarrhea, ulcer in stomach, kidney failure, urolith and oxalosis.

So you better take vitamins by natural foods.

Do you remember my past posts? Superfoods-=≡Σ(((⊃゚∀゚)つ

If you want to take Vitamin E naturally, I suggest below d(-_☆)

Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Laws Prevent Diabetes Type II

A study of NIH (National Institutes of Health) shows, "the risk to have diabetes type II is 80% lowered if middle age or older people combine 5 kinds of healthy lives".

Wall Street Journal reported:
NIH analyzed casual relationship in-between diabetes and 5 behaviors -such as healthy diet, exercise, maintaining standard weight, non-smoking and moderate (alcohol) drinking- by a combination or individually.
As a result, the risk of diabetes is reduced even if only one of 5 was habitualized.

CDC (Centers for disease Control) reports that 26,000,000 people were diagnosed with diabetes type II in U.S. in 2010.
It is 7th most cause of death.

This study was performed by NIH and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) for more than 200,000 of 50 to 71 years old people.
The examinees did not have heart diseases, cancers, or diabetes when they started.
About 10% of men and 8% of women got diabetes in about 11 years period of time.
Examinees ran on 2 behaviors in average.
The relation of BMI (Body Mass Index) and risk of diabetes was strongest.
The study showed that 70% of men and 78% of women could avoid getting diabetes if they maintain standard body weight.

Traditional Oriental Medicine is recognizing diabetes since more than a thousand years ago.
We call it "Shoukachi" (consume and dry; wasting syndrome).
We divide that into 3 groups, those are upper, middle and lower.

Upper type: dry mouth, polydipsia (copious drink), polyuria (copious urination), frequent urination, polyphagia (eat a lot), cough without phlegm or with little phlegm, dryness in nasopharyngeal area.
Middle type: big appetite, polyphagia, dry mouth, constipation, excessive sweating.
Lower type: polyuria, frequent urination, muddled urine, dizziness, heat sensation in the head, blurred vision, hot flash, hot hands and feet.

I can perform acupuncture for diabetes for you, but there is nothing better than prevention.

As always... (゚ー^*)d
Pancreas secretes insulin

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Korean Pregnant Women Rush to C-section at 111111

Many Korean women are planning to give birth their children at November 11th 2011 by C-section, which make their children's birthday as 111111.

Korean people have a 13 digit resident registration number respectively in Korea.
The first 6 numbers are date of birth.

So many mothers want to get the number started 111111....... for their children.
The appointments of delivery are 20% more than average.

Some mothers have an expected date around November 20th.

Nowadays, C-section is not dangerous as much as before.
However, you have to do C-section for 2nd, 3rd children if you did for first child.
Which means the mothers' bodies are no longer natural condition.

I can not recommend that unless in case of necessary.
20% more children will be born is meaning many classmates of the kids' may have same birthday.
Not weird?
And hard to see 11/11/11 if it is a hand writing (゚ー^*)d

Left: Normal
Right: Really need C-section (placenta is obstructing birth canal)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

After Daylight Saving Time Is Gone

I have posted about my online class sometime.

We, Japanese Acupuncturists study group read hundreds years old Chinese medical book.

The textbook is translated from Chinese to old Japanese. (Original Chinese also in the textbook)

And we again translate old Japanese to modern Japanese.

This class is not mandatory.

I do not have to attend.

There is no credit, no certificate, nor anything....

but I just want to study about old Chinese medical books.
(You should consult the past if you want to learn about the future: Japanese proverb)

The class is started 10pm on Wednesday.... in Japan.

That was 6am in PST.

Yes, that WAS...

Daylight saving time is over now, so 10pm in Japan - 5am in LA.

It is 12:40am on Wednesday, right now.

Please pray for me can wake up at 5am on every Wednesdays. ZZzz...(_ _ *)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Plastic Surgery Superman

How was your Halloween?

What were you?

That was on Monday in this year, so I felt little bit quieter than most of time.

Herbert Chavez, a 35 years old Filipino man became Superman by plastic surgery.

He received plastic surgeries for his nose, lips and thigh in this 10 years.

He is a designer in daytime, and he does volunteer works in his community in nighttime.

He says, "Anybody can be Superman by doing good for neighbors and acquaintances".

He has have predicts of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

And he has some plans for other plastic surgeries that making taller by putting metal under his feet and making abdomen shape better.

A lot of Superman in his room

I do not want to ruin someone's dream, but I cannot agree to his choice.

Do you want to try his way for next Holloween? ( ;∀;)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Off Alignment of Teeth May Induce Alzheimer Disease

Off alignment of teeth increase a protein "Amyloid Beta" in Hippocampus of brain, which cause of Alzheimer disease.
Professor Morita and his team in Okarama University reported it.

If your teeth alignment is good as theirs,
you may not need worry about it (*^ー゚)b ♪

Hippocampus governs memory.
Amyloid Beta accumulates in hippocampus and gives bad effect to nerve system, which makes defect of memory.
The team says, "Dental treatments for lost tooth and teeth alignment, possible to prevent Alzheimer disease".

They experimented by rats. (oh! poor rats...)
They scraped some teeth of rats and the Amyloid Beta accumulated 4 to 5 times more than normal teeth rats in 8 weeks later.
They confirmed stress hormone also increased.

They gave dental treatment for the rats and the level of stress hormone and Amyloid Beta became to almost same as normal teeth rats.

Acupuncture cannot treat your tooth cavity, but can do for TMJ (Tempromandibular joint) disorders and Alzheimer disease.

By the way,

I have became forgetful lately although my teeth alignment has no problem (´∩`。)