Sunday, November 20, 2011

Foods in Restaurants Contain More Calories than Listed

Calorie Chart of Cheesecake Factory

Disclosing the calories in restaurant foods to customers holds promise as a strategy to lower the nation's obesity rate.
However, a new study of food items from national chain restaurants found that while stated calories on restaurant menus and websites were accurate on average, 19% of individual samples differed from laboratory measurements by more than 100 calories and lower calorie foods tended to contain more than listed.
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 I often tell to people that "you study about calories" is good thing.

And "if you consume calories more than intake, you never gain weight".

I was chubby until I start to play volleyball in Junior high school, I was taking some classes everyday for calligraphy, abacus (Asian traditional calculator), Karate and guitar though.

Work, run jump, dance, play with your friends and have some cheesecake.

How much calorie is this?
Enjoy (゚ー^*)d ♪♬♪♩

I do acupuncture for weight loss,

if you still want it.

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