Thursday, November 10, 2011

Korean Pregnant Women Rush to C-section at 111111

Many Korean women are planning to give birth their children at November 11th 2011 by C-section, which make their children's birthday as 111111.

Korean people have a 13 digit resident registration number respectively in Korea.
The first 6 numbers are date of birth.

So many mothers want to get the number started 111111....... for their children.
The appointments of delivery are 20% more than average.

Some mothers have an expected date around November 20th.

Nowadays, C-section is not dangerous as much as before.
However, you have to do C-section for 2nd, 3rd children if you did for first child.
Which means the mothers' bodies are no longer natural condition.

I can not recommend that unless in case of necessary.
20% more children will be born is meaning many classmates of the kids' may have same birthday.
Not weird?
And hard to see 11/11/11 if it is a hand writing (゚ー^*)d

Left: Normal
Right: Really need C-section (placenta is obstructing birth canal)

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