Monday, October 26, 2009


This man snatched ¥80,000 (about $800) and ran away, after ate 10 beef bowls (about $40) in Yoshinoya.

When he started to eat, other customers were in the restaurant.
But when he finished to eat, no customers were there.
He might be eating for people leave from the restaurant.

Those were total about 5,900 Calories. 2,500 ~ 3,000 Cal. are daily volume for 30s man.
Hi did good job (not really good, but...).

How did he run after ate that much?

Any way, Japanese say "80% of stomach" or "80% full".
When "Satiety Center" felt full, more than 100% of foods are in your stomach.

Don't spend your money for unnecessary calories.
Don't damage your stomach for unnecessary fat.

If you need, Terra helps reducing your appetite.

Did you know Yoshinoya serve beef bowls with ceramic in Japan?

Monday, October 19, 2009


I visited a Japanese ¢98 store.

They used to sell most items for ¢98.
They sell most items $1.69 recently.
They say "most of cost increased with oil cost".
However, some items are still ¢98.

A soup for Soba noodle, cookies, ketchup, seaweed, and more...
And, look at the signboard in the middle of the display.

It is common sense in Japanese society in U.S.
Most foods are O.K. a little past in expire date.

Japanese people used to have foods with self-responsibility.
No one protect you.
Doctors give you expensive medicine after you are hurt.
Obama is doing mmm...

Contemporary Japanese learn how to sue others from American.
So bunch of explain on the label of package, which makers' protections.

We should remember responsibility.

You try Terra's Acupuncture or not. It is your responsibility (^-^)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Service

I visited office equipment store today.

I like this store because most stuffs are little bit cheaper than the most famous office equipment store.
Bad point was 'not many employee helped me find somethings'. So I took more than an hour for buying few things sometime.

However today, they asked me, "May I help you?" or such kind of words next by next.
I think they reviewed their service in this bad economy.
I like this store more than before now.

I remembered the menu board in McDonald's in Japan.
There was, "Smile 0".

Monday, October 5, 2009


I post really serious topic this time.

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