Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Royal House

How much do you pay for your rent?

Is that amount for your self or with your spouse?

Do you pay more than $1250?

Is $1250 per month expensive for new married man and wife?

"Prince William and Kate Middleton's farmhouse" (click here to see link).

£750 is about $1,253.25.

Royal families are always modest in U.K. and also in Japan.

Just some politicians are messing up countries all the time...

Congratulation Prince and Princess!

May you union be a long and happy one!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cat Chillin'

Earthquake, tsunami, radiation leaking and tornado...

Awful news are flutter around the world.

But we cannot be crying all the time.

These guys are healing our minds.

 my Adonis does same angle of elbow

 I wish we can have chillin' lives like them...

with them...


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Japanese Foods are still Safe!

2 people were talking today,

A: "I'm going to eat Sushi tonight".
B: "You should ask where are those fish from. If they said from Japan, don't eat those".

ヾ(▽⌒*)Hahahahaha o(__)ノ彡_☆Bangbangbang!!

China has done 46 nuclear bomb tests in between 1964 to 1996.

Those are 1,250 times bigger than the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima.

At least 190,000 people dead and more than 1,290,000 people were nuked in Sherqiy Turkistan Jumuhuriyiti.

The radiated molecular splattered around Japan were more than 10,000 times of the crisis of this time.

Japanese still have longest life in the world.

Do not believe gossips too easy.

No one has dead by radiation leak at this time so far, nevertheless 11 people dead by BP oil spill.

Minuscule amount of radiation make your body stronger as flu shot.

WHO (World Health Organization) has announced, "The children have less chance to get lung cancer if their parents are smoker," because immune system is developed.

Birth control pills are thousands times higher chance to get cancer than the radiation leaking.

Friday, April 22, 2011

No Back To The Future in China

I think everybody know that Chinese government controls all of information for TV, news papers and Internet in China.

Their governing style is like that (yah like that) so I understand that point.

However I think it is too much...

"China ban films and TV shows featuring time travel" (click here)

Poor people...

I wish all of Chinese people can see all of movies what they want to see in some day. (१▽१*)

Do you remember?
The fuel of this De Lorean was plutonium.
The engine was a nuclear reactor.
They should not play this movie in Japan now...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Computer Repair

My computer broke at March 30th in the night.

I was looking for the computer repair shop in March 31st and found.

I brought my computer on Friday morning and it was repaired on Monday afternoon.

That was only 5 days, but my works were really stuck.

"Why acupuncturist need computer?"

Yap! I know..., but I have a lot of paper work.

And that was right before income TAX due date.

Today, my "Microsoft Office" is not re-install yet. (>д<;)

I have been using some free softs temporary.

Anyway, thank you "Tony's Technology".

The man (I think he is the Tony) was so nice.

He explained me a lot, and told me prices before starting repair.

Of course, free diagnosis.

If your computer has any problem, I recommend you see him.

This shop is located near by Mitsuwa Japanese market place in Torrance.

You can do some grocery shopping and have lunch or dinner when you drop off and pick up your computer.

I do not think there is "Japanese Only".

Mon~Fri 11am~7pm
Sat 11am~5pm