Thursday, March 29, 2012

Does Your Brain Work Well?

OMG! w( ̄△ ̄;)w

I have not posted more than one week!!

Isn't she beautiful?

I mean "Yes" but it is not point.

How to play with this girl...
I mean, click here for How to play with this picture.

Your brain is pretty cool (*^ー゚)b ♪

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist Do Not Leave You...

Have you seen this TV commercial?

I have an experience with an earthquake.

An middle class earthquake occurred when my patients have many needles on there bodies.

The patients were scared, but I expected that was not going to bad.
I am really good for reading earthquake some reason.
So I continued the practices with casual talk.

And I don't use so many big needles as this video.

By the way,
You don't need jump off from my office.
It is 2nd floor, but first floor.

Some of you know that, right?
(゚ー^*)d ♪

Friday, March 16, 2012

Acupuncture for Beauty that Celebrities Love

I found a Japanese article about acupuncture for beauty.
I admired how the article explains.

Acupuncture for beauty is different as cosmetics or aesthetic treatment that methods are approaching from surface of skin.
Acupuncture stimulates inside of body such as tissues, cells, blood vessels and nerves.

Especially the prompt efficiency is one of biggest popularity.
Acupuncture directly stimulates acu-points and muscle on your face, which soften muscles effectively and promotes blood circulation.
And it wakes up the power that the skin innately have, which last effect of treatment long.

They say it is safer than cosmetic surgery or practices with medication.
So this beauty regimen became popular in nationwide in U.S. especially in celebrities.
Yes, that's right!!

I know....
My translation maybe not good, but ....

In addition, the article says,
Effects of beauty by Acupuncture are 4 points.
Those are
Produces collagen,
Promotes blood circulation,
Lift up,
and Activates brain.

Yes, that's right!
(*^ー゚)b ♪

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist on Japanese Magazine

I cannot remember when it was?(゚_。)?(。_゚)?

A girl called me from a Japanese magazine.
She asked an interview and an experience report.
This magazine is very popular in Japanese community in So Cal.
This magazine is handles mostly about beauty and health.


Those are what I am doing Acupuncutre for.
She said, "this issue features 'beauty skin'".

I answered, "O.K."

Oh my Buddha!
"Beauty Skin"?

With on experience!?

I regret that I said "O.K."

Because beauty skin treatment is very difficult to show.

If she had wrinkle on her face, I did anti-wrinkle treatment.
It is easy to see the result even only one treatment.

She came.
She was young
she had no wrinkle _| ̄|〇

Basically, my treatments are "root treatment".
ex) I do not work for killing pain when you have pain. I work for killing cause of pain.

So I told about it to her and I did an Acupuncture practice after interview.
She wrote explain article very well.
So this one became very good.

And some patients have been receiving my Acupuncture by this magazine.

Do you want to know what is this article saying?

Don't worry.
This blog is much more detailed than the magazine.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Acupuncture in Beverly Hills Open Until Late

M 9.30
T 7.00
W 8.15
T 9.00
F 9.00
S 8.30
S 5.00 class
M 9.00
T 7.00
W 9.00
T 9.00
F 9.00
S 9.30
S 5.00
M 9.30
T 7.00
W 9.30
T 9.00
F 10.00
S 10.00
S 8.30
M 9.30
T 9.30
W 8.30
T 11.00
F 11.00
S 9.30
S off
M 9.00
T 9.15
W 8.45
T 9:00
F 11:40
S 7:40

Guess what?

All of the numbers followed by p.m.

Those were the times when I was done last patients in last several weeks.

It is excuse for have not been up dating this blog a while ψ(`∇´)ψ


Terra Oriental Medicine opens late.
Ask me late appointment anytime.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist Beat Viruses!

I beat some viruses finally.

It took about 3 weeks.

My acupuncture and herbs did not work them

because those are

computer viruses.(;´ρ`)

That is why, I did not post many lately.

Usually I don't take that much time to beat viruses.

Maybe one hour or two.

2 of my anti-virus softs did not work this time.

So I downloaded "Ad-aware".
I used to use this years, but I was not using this after I cleaned up my PC in last year.

That was up graded and stronger than before.

I recommend you use this one.
It is free.
You can find easily by google.
(*^ー゚)b Good job♪

Be careful to open e-mails that from people who
you know but not much, but cannot ignore.