Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Take out leftover" is popular in housewives

J-CAST NEWS (Japanese Web News) reported:

To take out leftover from restaurants, is getting popular in housewives.
The reasons are, "too good to waste" and "save the cost for meals".

A research company, I-SHARE got the results of their research by 339 people who are age 20's to 40's.
- The people who have taken out leftover from restaurant were 47.2%.
- Same as above in women were 54.7%.

Variety shops sell "Doggy Bags".
Those are plastic, reusable and not look like leftover in it.
Those are popular in people who are ashamed to bring own "to go box".

"Doggy Bags" makers started to sell those at autumn in 2008.
They have been shipping 76,000 bags until December 2009.

Number of restaurants that allow taking out "leftover" is increased to more than 200 restaurants in nationwide now (in Japan).

The restaurants are happy with this trend, because they can save some disposal costs.

I just remembered this thing.
I never have taken out leftover from restaurant in Japan.
I didn't have those kind of ideas at all.

Doggy bag is one of the common senses in U.S., but I don't think many people bring in own to go box to restaurants.
And I was surprised that only 200 restaurants allow taking out leftover in nationwide. (What a country are they?)

I wish economy is coming back in 2010, and everyone can use restaurants more often.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I was riding motor bike when I was teenager.

The bike was "SUZUKI GSX 400 FW", not so popular.

And I ride a bike now

Of course yellow one is mine.

Other 2 bikes are my friends'.

Mine is best one when we think about ecology, fuel cost, parking fee....
And mine is fastest one when we go to next block.

I am riding this in Beverly Hills with white coat.

Say hi, if you see me in town. (^^)v

Friday, December 18, 2009


I was invited a charity party on Wednesday night.

That was, "Make A Difference - NYC, 10th Annual Toy Drive".
The toys for children who are in shelters in NYC.

The host was Camille Guaty.

Because she played, I watched all of episodes of "Prison Break".

She played "Nine" too. But I have not seen that. (Sorry Camille).

Anyway I brought some RC cars.
Those are Hummer H3 and Cadillac Escalade.

I really wanted to play with those.

I wish some kids become a little happy with my toys, and more kids become happy with more toys.

And thank you Camille for invitation. (^^)v

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Plastic Surgery

Former Miss Argentina dies after plastic surgery.

See.. I am telling you all the time.

I know many cosmetic surgeons around my office.
I believe they are good.
However I still not recommend any surgery unless you really need.

I do acupuncture for cellulite reduction, weight control, facelift, anti-wrinkle and so-on..
Those take some time more than surgery, but very safer.
"Not gonna die".

She was beautiful..

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Office

I recently found a thing.
I never have posted the photos of my office.


This is a treatment room.

The room has some Asian flavored gadgets.

There are a heat lamp on right side of the photo.
That style looks like "classic".

However "electric lamp" is a very new technology in the thousands years history of the Oriental Medicine.

And another room

This practice table up and down by electric power.

So I mostly use this room for "just Massage" patients.

And this is the building appearance.

I think little bit difficult to find at first visit, if you do not have navigation system.

Of course I could not find a while at my first visit.

Please leave your home little earlier at your first visit.

I do not have any photo of waiting room, but I hope you will see me at there soon. (^^)v