Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Take out leftover" is popular in housewives

J-CAST NEWS (Japanese Web News) reported:

To take out leftover from restaurants, is getting popular in housewives.
The reasons are, "too good to waste" and "save the cost for meals".

A research company, I-SHARE got the results of their research by 339 people who are age 20's to 40's.
- The people who have taken out leftover from restaurant were 47.2%.
- Same as above in women were 54.7%.

Variety shops sell "Doggy Bags".
Those are plastic, reusable and not look like leftover in it.
Those are popular in people who are ashamed to bring own "to go box".

"Doggy Bags" makers started to sell those at autumn in 2008.
They have been shipping 76,000 bags until December 2009.

Number of restaurants that allow taking out "leftover" is increased to more than 200 restaurants in nationwide now (in Japan).

The restaurants are happy with this trend, because they can save some disposal costs.

I just remembered this thing.
I never have taken out leftover from restaurant in Japan.
I didn't have those kind of ideas at all.

Doggy bag is one of the common senses in U.S., but I don't think many people bring in own to go box to restaurants.
And I was surprised that only 200 restaurants allow taking out leftover in nationwide. (What a country are they?)

I wish economy is coming back in 2010, and everyone can use restaurants more often.
Happy New Year!

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