Friday, December 4, 2009

My Office

I recently found a thing.
I never have posted the photos of my office.


This is a treatment room.

The room has some Asian flavored gadgets.

There are a heat lamp on right side of the photo.
That style looks like "classic".

However "electric lamp" is a very new technology in the thousands years history of the Oriental Medicine.

And another room

This practice table up and down by electric power.

So I mostly use this room for "just Massage" patients.

And this is the building appearance.

I think little bit difficult to find at first visit, if you do not have navigation system.

Of course I could not find a while at my first visit.

Please leave your home little earlier at your first visit.

I do not have any photo of waiting room, but I hope you will see me at there soon. (^^)v

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