Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Continuing Education

Acupuncturists need to take certain hours of Continuing Education classes for maintain our license.

I attended one of those at last Sunday.

The class title was "Facial Acupuncture", which sounds like I always do.

However, I was really interested others' strategies.

The class was 9am to 5pm.
First three quarter of it was lecture.

And last quarter was practice.

Now a day, I believe that many people know Acupuncturists use points of far area from target area.


At first this model patient (he is an acupuncturist too) got some needles on his feet for his face and eyes. (He had little problem on his eyes.)

And needles on his face after hands.

After this practice his face was so much healthy looking, and rejuvenated.

The instructor Dr.'s method was similar as mine, but I learned some of supplementary strategies.


You want to try it? Please call (^^)v

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gang of muggers no match for ninjas

I found a news about Ninja. click here.

Real Ninjas sure existed long time ago.

They said, "Sasuke Sarutobi ran on the water twice in his life".

That method was - left step of the water, and step right foot on the water before left foot sink. And another left step before right foot sink. And another right step before left foot sink. And .......

Not many people believe it, I guess. But that maybe true.

One of the Japanese hero in my generation is

"The Masked Ninja Akakage" (Red Shadow: right).

Shirokage (White Shadow: left).

Aokage (Blue Shadow).

Their ninja wears are little too shiny.

The Sydney ninjas' belts are not ninjas'. Those are for Karate, Judo, or something else.

We think Ninjas are cool, but they should not be gorgeous as Superman or Spider man.

By the way, do not try doing that Ninjas did in the news.

That was too dangerous, especially in LA.

Friday, May 14, 2010

All My ....

I was called to do massage for several people.

I worked in this bed room.

Nice bed...

Nice plants...

But lights are little too bright.
Don't you think so?

Yes, the light is so strong.

No ceiling is there..

You know where it is. Right?

I entered from this door sign.

And passed hall way with pictures...

And came to dark area with a lot of lights.

They were recording TV show at over there.

I didn't know about this TV show (as always).

I checked about the show by "imdb.com".


The show started 1970. O...M...G...!

40 years...

Now I am interested this show, "Cameron Mathison: Ryan Lavery (791 episodes, 1998-2010)".

Is it possible to watch video from episode 1?(゚_。)?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Party

I was invited a Mother's Day Party

AnnaLynne McCord hosted.

The location was "Gavert Atelier" Beauty Salon in Beverly Hills.

A lot of people were there.

One of the attraction was Hair make up.

This Section is Nail Care.


Spray Tan

I have some friends who are Spray Tan Technicians, but this was first time I saw the moment doing that.

Did you have good time with your mom?