Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gang of muggers no match for ninjas

I found a news about Ninja. click here.

Real Ninjas sure existed long time ago.

They said, "Sasuke Sarutobi ran on the water twice in his life".

That method was - left step of the water, and step right foot on the water before left foot sink. And another left step before right foot sink. And another right step before left foot sink. And .......

Not many people believe it, I guess. But that maybe true.

One of the Japanese hero in my generation is

"The Masked Ninja Akakage" (Red Shadow: right).

Shirokage (White Shadow: left).

Aokage (Blue Shadow).

Their ninja wears are little too shiny.

The Sydney ninjas' belts are not ninjas'. Those are for Karate, Judo, or something else.

We think Ninjas are cool, but they should not be gorgeous as Superman or Spider man.

By the way, do not try doing that Ninjas did in the news.

That was too dangerous, especially in LA.

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