Friday, May 14, 2010

All My ....

I was called to do massage for several people.

I worked in this bed room.

Nice bed...

Nice plants...

But lights are little too bright.
Don't you think so?

Yes, the light is so strong.

No ceiling is there..

You know where it is. Right?

I entered from this door sign.

And passed hall way with pictures...

And came to dark area with a lot of lights.

They were recording TV show at over there.

I didn't know about this TV show (as always).

I checked about the show by "".


The show started 1970. O...M...G...!

40 years...

Now I am interested this show, "Cameron Mathison: Ryan Lavery (791 episodes, 1998-2010)".

Is it possible to watch video from episode 1?(゚_。)?

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