Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hyperthermia is not just your imagination

A couple weeks ago,  many people told me similar symptoms.

Those were dizziness, vertigo, convulsion, nausea, headache (mostly vertex).

Those are symptoms of hyperthermia.

If the symptoms are light, take a lot of water (Gatorade is very good) and stay in cool place.

Of course, I can help you by acupuncture if you want.

Last summer was not so hot, but this summer is good in hot (for me).

So you should be careful.

However in some cases, you better not be careful...

Beat The Heat (click here to read the article).

mmm. 「(゚ペ)

This result is interesting,

but don't try this method unless you really really need to do high performance.

And it is so danger, "cycling with shoving thermometer up your butt". (१▽१*)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Camera Was Watching!

My family is the Buddhists.

I have learned, "Do good things. God, Buddha and/or your ancestor is watching you all the time".

I think you have learned similar thing, even if you believe in other religions.

Not only god or Christ, but also TV camera is watching you sometime.

"Selfless young fun returns ball to upset boy" (click here to the article & video).

I like this boy.
I like this TV station.
Don't argue about little things Yahoo commenters!

I think now you cannot stop to behave good.


The Buddha in Nara, Japan.
Built in A.D. 752.
Height: 48.23 feet.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bridal Photo in Police Station

Are you married?

Or going to be?

Did you take many wedding pictures or are going to do?

I think most people -maybe all people- want to take wedding pictures nice and beautiful.

I don't think you want your or your wife's bridal photo is going to be like this.

Michigan Bride Arrested on Wedding Day (click here to see news).


Unexpectable things happen in human life,

but I don't really worry that kind of thing is happen in my blog readers' life.

Yeah, I hope not...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Rangers Baseball Fan Dies

Do you like Baseball?

Yes, I do.

I like to play Baseball and to watch that too.

Best way is that go to the stadium and watch the game with beer in summer day.

I am also checking Japanese Major Leaguers activities almost every night.

Godzilla Matui's Athletics was visiting the Rangers Ball Park in Texas in the nice summer day July 7th 2011.

An accident was happened (click here youtube)

The fan, Shannon Stone was a firefighter.

I believe he had strong body, but....

A lot of fun events you may have in this summer,

but you should be careful to accidents.

Otherwise happy events may going to be messed.

I wish you spend this summer been happy and safe.

Thank you Mr. Stone the Firefighter, had been working for people.
Rest in peace.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Drive Safe & Park Safe

I think you are driving carefully.

You hit someone, someone hit you, someone injure or no one does.

In any case it is hurt.

You will lose time and/or money, and maybe more than those.

You better be careful not only driving, but also parking.

Russian President Medvedev's Driving.... (click here to article & video)

President makes mistake, you may make mistake too.

However, Medvedev's parking gaffe may be much much better than Japanese Prime Minister "Naoto Kan" who cannot handle politics.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks in 4th of July

4th of July has come.

Firework has come.

I brought some fireworks from Japan when I moved into U.S.

However I have not seen anyone was doing fireworks.

I asked to my American friend, "American people are not interested fireworks?"

He told me, "It's illegal here, other than 4th of July".

THE 4th of July has come this year too. (of coarse come every year).

I remember the Fireworks in Osaka.

It is performed a religion organization PL (Perfect Liberty) at August 1st.

They shoot about 20,000.

A big one is 1km (about 3300ft) long.

I was seeing those from my parents home that 8 miles away when I was little.

After I moved to the dormitory of the Volleyball team, still I was seeing those from 31 miles away.

Fireworks in LA, which frighten my cats.

But that don't impress me much (_ _ *)...zzZZZ.

Friday, July 1, 2011

405 closure

Already a half of year was gone...

And finally, it became around 80°F.

The summer has come.

Oh! I miss cicadas. (१▽१*)

Do you have any plan to go to some where?

Beach? Mountain? Your parents' home?

I hope you enjoy this season, but don't forget that

the 405 Freeway is closed July 16th and 17th (and early morning of 18th).

click here to read LA Times.

This picture is the middle of June around 10:30pm with 2 lanes closed.

You may already know about this.

Just don't forget!


I'll be working the Saturday 16th, but I don't drive in between 10 & 101 Freeway.

See you in Beverly Hills on time then! Ψ(`∀´)Ψ