Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks in 4th of July

4th of July has come.

Firework has come.

I brought some fireworks from Japan when I moved into U.S.

However I have not seen anyone was doing fireworks.

I asked to my American friend, "American people are not interested fireworks?"

He told me, "It's illegal here, other than 4th of July".

THE 4th of July has come this year too. (of coarse come every year).

I remember the Fireworks in Osaka.

It is performed a religion organization PL (Perfect Liberty) at August 1st.

They shoot about 20,000.

A big one is 1km (about 3300ft) long.

I was seeing those from my parents home that 8 miles away when I was little.

After I moved to the dormitory of the Volleyball team, still I was seeing those from 31 miles away.

Fireworks in LA, which frighten my cats.

But that don't impress me much (_ _ *)...zzZZZ.

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