Friday, July 31, 2009

Breast Cancer

My favorite J-pop star left us.
Her name is "Kaori Kawamura".

She was born in Russia.
Her father is a Japanese and Her mother was a Russian.

Her breast cancer was found in 2004, and her left breast was removed.
She continued to receive the treatment with anticancer agent.
However the cancer relapsed on her lymph node, bone and lung in October 2008.

Her mother died by breast cancer too in 1998.
And she was praying for 'her daughter not to be affected by cancer' until she loses consciousness.

She was 38 years old, and departed 7/28/2009.

I recommend to get an exam if you feel anxious.
Nowadays, many cases of cancer are completely recovered, if it is found in early stage.

And my personal opinion, "DO NOT USE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS".
It is one of the biggest cause to get breast cancer in this country.

Thank you Kaori, your musics made some parts of my personality and my life.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not Only the Patient

I stepped on the scale in new shower room today.
I have not done this few weeks.

Oh, NO!!

I lost 6 lbs again. 165lbs. My best suppose to be 180lbs.

I remember that was 3 years ago. I lost my weight to around 160lbs.
The cause was "pneumothorax".

Everyone!, check your health, especially when you lost weight immediately.

I sure do it. And I really need to think about how to gain weight myself.
I know a lot of method to lose weight, but the other way...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just Let You Know

I saw a patient today (oh, already yesterday).

She lost 10lbs with few acupuncture treatments in 7weeks.

"Good job!" for her. And for me. This is good pace. If lose weight quickly, rebound (regain) quickly often.

I believe you know, which Acupuncture works not only as pain killer.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blue Sky

There were not many people around my office in Beverly Hills today.

Yeah, I know that people are on the beach.


Oh! This is the southern California!!

I have no time to go to the beach.
But I am with this blue sky.

Yeah, do you know?

It's too hot with my white coat (><)!

Don't forget to drink mineral water little extra for sweat.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I am moving.

Yes, it is about my residential place.

Insurance companies sends me some letters.
Patients re-schedule their appointments.
Too hot, riding bike under the sun (Do you know why?).
And moving boxes.
I am in these kind of situation every day.

All of above are excuses for I did not update this blog nearly half of a month.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson

The big pop star left us.

We re-realized how the drugs are danger.

Of course in some cases, some drugs work well.
New drugs, new medicines are often wonderful, but "new" means nearly equal to "not known well".

I wish he is hot also cool in the next world, too.