Friday, July 8, 2011

Rangers Baseball Fan Dies

Do you like Baseball?

Yes, I do.

I like to play Baseball and to watch that too.

Best way is that go to the stadium and watch the game with beer in summer day.

I am also checking Japanese Major Leaguers activities almost every night.

Godzilla Matui's Athletics was visiting the Rangers Ball Park in Texas in the nice summer day July 7th 2011.

An accident was happened (click here youtube)

The fan, Shannon Stone was a firefighter.

I believe he had strong body, but....

A lot of fun events you may have in this summer,

but you should be careful to accidents.

Otherwise happy events may going to be messed.

I wish you spend this summer been happy and safe.

Thank you Mr. Stone the Firefighter, had been working for people.
Rest in peace.

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