Thursday, March 1, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist Beat Viruses!

I beat some viruses finally.

It took about 3 weeks.

My acupuncture and herbs did not work them

because those are

computer viruses.(;´ρ`)

That is why, I did not post many lately.

Usually I don't take that much time to beat viruses.

Maybe one hour or two.

2 of my anti-virus softs did not work this time.

So I downloaded "Ad-aware".
I used to use this years, but I was not using this after I cleaned up my PC in last year.

That was up graded and stronger than before.

I recommend you use this one.
It is free.
You can find easily by google.
(*^ー゚)b Good job♪

Be careful to open e-mails that from people who
you know but not much, but cannot ignore.

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