Monday, February 20, 2012

Facial Acupuncture in Beverly Hills

As I write in this blog sometime, we, acupuncturists need to attend several hours of continuing education classes for maintaining our licenses.

I attended a class on last Sunday.

The topic was "Facial Acupuncture".
This pic is not my work.
It is great, if it is true.
I am already doing "Facial Acupuncture", but I want to learn more.

I have attended this type of class about 2 years ago, but first time to do this instructor Dr.

At last time, the other doctor performed pretty similar methods as mine
,but this time

the method was so much different.
More people were there, but they just went away from my camera.
The model was a young girl, so I did not take her face pic (⌒_⌒).

I want to experiment this method on your face Ψ(`∀´)Ψ.

By the way,
that was nice Sunday!
I was in a classroom about 8 hours though (´Д`。)

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