Monday, February 13, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist & Grammys

54th Grammy Award was done.

Jennifer Hudson sang, "I Will Always Love You" that is Whitney Houston's song.

She performed very well.
Jennifer Hudson @ 54th Grammys
R.I.P. Whitney.

Adele won in many categories.
(=^・・^) Congratulations!!

By the way,
who is Adele?

I know Foo Fighters, Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney who won some categories at this time.

I am trying to study about musicians, but way not enough
_| ̄|〇.

Few years ago, I visited Sony studio.
Some dancers were practicing for a same part again and again in there.
A girl appeared with very high heel boots.
She took off her jacket and became with lingerie, and joined to the dancers.
While their break, I talked with her.

Terra; "mmm... you maybe very famous, no?"
Her; "mmm... hope so."
Terra; "maybe worldwide?"
Her; "I'm Lady Gaga."
Terra; "Sorry. I don't know well". Ψ(`∀´)Ψ
Her; "O.K."
Terra; "but I think I have heard your name. I have heard name means you are very famous in general."

Since then, I am trying to know about show business.
However, it is so difficult to study about show business with medical at same time.

By the way,
Sorry Gaga, you missed awards this time,
but I believe Lady Gaga will win Grammy next year.
Lady Gaga @ 54th Grammys

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