Saturday, February 18, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist Do Not Chicken Out

Are you exciting when you are going to do something new?

First date, first day of new job, first time for singing a song in front of many people...

Yes, I know.

Depend on, "What you are going to do".

Maybe you are exciting to going new job, or first date,
but if you are going to bungee jump?

"Chicken Out"
(I did not know this idiom until read this article)

Psychologists now think the bad guessing is the reason of "Chicken Out".
(click here to read article)
bad guessing?

I sometime get antsy before see the new patients.
"If this patient is in really complicate situation..."

I never had any problem after actually met them though.

A patient comes to see me from Washington DC tomorrow.
I heard her condition roughly on the phone.
Her condition is really tough to me (seriously).
But I still do not "Chicken Out".
I do NOT!

Do not try in this situation,
even if you are called "Chicken".

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