Saturday, February 11, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist @ Pre-Grammy Party

I visited a pre-Grammy party
by Roy Teeluck @ Cristophe salon.

Roy owns a beauty salon in New York
and he visits Beverly Hills every several weeks for his west side clients.
He has many celebrity clients.

gorgeous foods are ready

people are showing up

Cristophe (left), Roy (right),
and a girl in the middle is maybe famous (I don't know much about).

There were probably many famous musicians.

I need to study about it. 「(ーヘー;)

I had a late patient so I left there when the party was started,
I missed champagne (´∩`。)

However, I did not miss taking picture.

Some day, I will make a big party for my patients.
Yap, some day.

You may be invited.
Yap, some day.

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