Sunday, November 27, 2011

Parisiennes Love a Branch Toothbrush

What do you use to brush your teeth?
Oral B?

Haven't you felt African people (in Africa) have really white teeth?

It is in fashion in the women who are beauty experts in Paris.
In Africa, a little branch of Neem is used instead of plastic toothbrush.
The branch is about 5mm in diameter and about 10cm in length.

This branch looks like a pencil at first.
You should chew it again and again persistently.
The fiber at end of branch become untied little by little, and then it will be brush.
You can now brush your teeth and massage your gum.

At beginning, you do not like its sweet sour taste and hard brush touch.
However, you will feel immediately how it works.

Neem has natural whitening effect.
And you do not need toothpaste anymore.

The Neem for toothbrush is sold on the street in all over the place in Africa.
So people do not need to prepare it, but they can get anytime.

Do you want to try it to get white teeth?


Don't you wanna chew it to make brush?
Do you rather go to dentist and get laser whitening in Beverly Hills?

I know.

You don't like making any effort, right.

That is good too.

Your laziness helps this recession little bit. Ψ(`∀´)Ψ

By the way,
 where can I get Neem?(゚_。)?

Using Neem with this paste maybe more powerful?

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