Monday, November 14, 2011

5 Laws Prevent Diabetes Type II

A study of NIH (National Institutes of Health) shows, "the risk to have diabetes type II is 80% lowered if middle age or older people combine 5 kinds of healthy lives".

Wall Street Journal reported:
NIH analyzed casual relationship in-between diabetes and 5 behaviors -such as healthy diet, exercise, maintaining standard weight, non-smoking and moderate (alcohol) drinking- by a combination or individually.
As a result, the risk of diabetes is reduced even if only one of 5 was habitualized.

CDC (Centers for disease Control) reports that 26,000,000 people were diagnosed with diabetes type II in U.S. in 2010.
It is 7th most cause of death.

This study was performed by NIH and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) for more than 200,000 of 50 to 71 years old people.
The examinees did not have heart diseases, cancers, or diabetes when they started.
About 10% of men and 8% of women got diabetes in about 11 years period of time.
Examinees ran on 2 behaviors in average.
The relation of BMI (Body Mass Index) and risk of diabetes was strongest.
The study showed that 70% of men and 78% of women could avoid getting diabetes if they maintain standard body weight.

Traditional Oriental Medicine is recognizing diabetes since more than a thousand years ago.
We call it "Shoukachi" (consume and dry; wasting syndrome).
We divide that into 3 groups, those are upper, middle and lower.

Upper type: dry mouth, polydipsia (copious drink), polyuria (copious urination), frequent urination, polyphagia (eat a lot), cough without phlegm or with little phlegm, dryness in nasopharyngeal area.
Middle type: big appetite, polyphagia, dry mouth, constipation, excessive sweating.
Lower type: polyuria, frequent urination, muddled urine, dizziness, heat sensation in the head, blurred vision, hot flash, hot hands and feet.

I can perform acupuncture for diabetes for you, but there is nothing better than prevention.

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