Thursday, November 24, 2011

Non-Good Effect, Increase Early Death Risk

Annals of Internal Medicine published,

food supplements (multi-vitamin etc.) do NOT effect for most of people, although there is the risk to increase the chance of early death.

Wall Street Journal reported that a research group who are mostly Minnesota University performed the study for 39,000 white women 19 years in average.

The result is, food supplements taker are higher rate of early death than non-takers in general.
However, calcium supplement takers are lower rate of early death.

Iron that is often prescribed to anemia is prominent.
The iron supplement takers have 3.9% higher rate of early death.

And multi-vitamin takers have 2.4% higher rate of early death.

Many of common senses are wrong often.

I wrote, "What FDA approves" several posts ago, which was not common sense of usual people, I guess.

"To intake nutrition from foods" is best way, if you can...

Yes, if you can...

I wish you could take enough nutrition from Thanksgiving meal today.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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