Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Healthy Diet Combinations 12: Lemon & Green Tea

Finally this is last "Smart Diet combination".

Smart Diet combinations #12

Lemon & Green Tea
"Increase absorption of Catechin"

Adding lemon juice to green tea increases absorbable Catechin.

Catechin has functions that anti-cancer and anti-bacteria.
It detoxicates your body and prevents to injure your cells and gene.
It also burns fat.
So it is good for Weight Reduction. ☜ Wow! You like it!!

Bottled Lemon Green Tea
Is this ok?
Maybe, maybe not.

 Lemongrass Green Tea
Is this ok?
Maybe, maybe not.

 Lemon Green Tea with Honey
Is this ok?
Should be good (゚∀^*)d
It is easy to make yourself, right?

It is the last Smart Diet Combinations, but I am planning to post something about more healthy diets.
Don't miss it (*^ー゚)b♪

By the way, my online ancient medical book class starts at 6am on Wednesdays.
It is about 1am Wednesday right now.
_| ̄|〇zzZZZ

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