Friday, September 23, 2011

Superfoods: Broccoli & Garlic

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I could post only one food yesterday,

because my online class started 6am and last practice was done at 11pm.

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but I did my best for my valuable readers.


There is 2 Superfoods today.

The first Superfood is,

"Reduce tumor size"

The researchers in Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland) announced that, "Broccoli not only prevents enlarging tumor but also reducing" in 1992.

Therefore Broccoli became one of most sold vegetables in U.S. today.

And Broccoli has only 30 Calories/cup.
Broccoli: Manga version today

The second food of today is,

"Good for Cardiovascular Disease & Metabolic Syndrome"

Garlic is good for recovery from fatigue, and cardiovascular disease.

The researches compared the people who took Garlic everyday and have not taken.

The results; the blood pressures in the "took Garlic" group were lowered.

The neutral fat (triglyceride) and cholesterol were lowered too.

Therefore Garlic is recommended for preventing metabolic syndrome.

Garlic: Manga version

If you want to take Broccoli and Garlic together, here is a suggestion.
Stir-fry Broccoli with Garlic
(w/ potato, fish paste, mayonnaise, olive oil)

mmm... Yum.... (^ρ^*)

(;」゚□゚)」 SAKE please!!!

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