Friday, September 16, 2011

Superfoods: Avocado and Kiwi Fruit

Today, September 16th is Alvert von Szent-Gyorgyi's 118th birthday.

He found Vitamin C and received Noble prize in 1937.

So big oranges on the google home page, but orange will be in the next post.

I mention about Avocado and Kiwi Fruit today.

"Recommended to pregnant women"

As I mentioned in past post in "Smart diet combinations", Avocado is called "batter of forest".

Avocado is high calorie, but it contains plenty folic acid too.

Pregnant women are recommended to take folic acid abundantly.

Avocado prevents anemia, arteriosclerosis and dementia.

Avocado contains plenty fiber as Apple does.
I don't think I have eaten Avocado in Japan 「(゚ペ)

Kiwi Fruit
"Best Vitamin C Container"

As you know Kiwi Fruit is famous New Zealand's fruit.

Kiwi Fruit is highest Vitamin C container in weight in all foods.

Vitamin C is good for beauty skin, anti-oxidant, increases immune system and prevent anemia.

In uncooked or unprocessed fruits, Kiwi Fruit is highest fiber container too.

Lack of dietary fiber induces diabetes, arteriosclerosis, and colon cancer. That is why; Kiwi Fruit is called Super Fruit.
Kiwi Fruit
Yap. I have eaten Kiwi Fruit in Japan,
but that was soooo expensive.
I couldn't believe that is ¢50 each in U.S.

I wrote about Albert von Szent-Gyorgyi's birthday on top.

And you cannot forget another birthday today.

You know what?

Happy Birthday Mexico!!! ☆★Happy☆>w(^0^)w<☆Birthday★☆

Jose Mendoza (Mexico)
WBA World Champion of Bantam weight
in Ashitano Joe

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