Monday, September 5, 2011

Healthy Diet Combinations 10 and 11: Garlic & Fish and Egg & Muskmelon

Almost done this series, this time are:

Smart Diet Combinations #10

Garlic & Fish
"Lower Total Cholesterol"

The Minerals such as Zinc and Iron, have functions "anti-inflammation", and "support EPA & DHA that lower Cholesterol".

Taking Garlic with Fish, lower total cholesterol more than just eating fish.
Grilled Yellowtail with Garlic, boiled with sweet soysource

Smart Diet Combinations #11

Egg & Muskmelon
"Activate Protein"

When you take high quality carbohydrate such as muskmelon (cantaloupe) and protein such as egg, protein is acivated.

This carbohydrate should not be sweets or starch.

It should be whole grain, vegetable or fruit.

These contain high quality carbohydrate.
Roll cake with Muskmelon
It is sweets and starch should be in it, but muskmelon also in.
So should be o.k. (゚∀^*)d

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