Monday, September 26, 2011

Acupuncture Insurance Billing

I attended a continuing education class.

I think I have mentioned before in this blog sometime.

We, Licensed Acupuncturists are required to attend to 50 hours of certified continuing education classes in every 2 years to maintain our licenses.

Contents are various, which history of Oriental Medicine, classic and modern Acupuncture, Acupuncture for beauty, western medicine, how to treat such kinds of diseases, and so on.

The class I attended this time was about "Billing Insurance".

I started to learn Acupuncture in 1987, and started to poke people 1991 in Japan.

Yes, in Japan.

Almost 100% of people have the national insurance in over there, which similar as president Obama wants to do in U.S. (I guess).

Of course the people pay every month about $100 or little bit more as health insurance holders in this country do.

The insurance cover 70% for most of situations,

but Acupuncture (१▽१*)

I have heard the insurance started covering acupuncture practices in some situations recently, but when I was there.... NO!

So "Billing Insurance" is my weakest category in Acupuncture business.

Strangely, United States is advanced to Japan for acceptance of Oriental Medicine.

I am doing my best.

I am studying about it all the time.

I proud of my acupuncture practices, but I am sorry for the inconvenience if my "Billing Insurance" will not be well. m(__)m

*(Almost 100% of billing mistake can be fixed by re-billing)

Instructor Samuel A. Collins D.C.
from American Acupuncture Council
is setting up the projector right before the class started.

There was about 130 people.
Most of them were Acupuncturists,
some of others were office assistants or students.

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