Thursday, October 27, 2011

Who Do You Want To Reincarnate As?

A British publisher "HarperCollins" reported, "More people would like to come back as Audrey Hepburn".

It is interesting.

Yes, sure, Audrey was so much beautiful, but I do not think young people really know about her.

Who this poll made by?

Maybe my generation or older, right?

And If my memory is right, her cousins were killed in front of her.

Do you want that kind of life?

Or they just want to be look alike her?

By the way, top 10 is listed below.

1. Audrey Hepburn.
2. Albert Einstein (also this person was running away from Nazi.)
3. Sir Winston Churchill (actual last name is "Spencer-Churchill")
4. Dame Elizabeth Taylor (her death made me little slower. RIP...)
5. Julius Caesar (Et tu, Brute?)
6. Marilyn Monroe (she has been in orphan, and she might been had sexual abuse)
7. Diana, Princess of Wales (killed by Paparazzi)
8. Cleopatra (=4?) (She married with her brother)
9. John Lennon
10. Florence Nightingale (she was on the bed in last 55 years until her death by CFS)


Many people want to be somebody who had sad history.

Do you think you can survive well?

Anyway, I do Acupuncture practices for beauty such as Anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging and so-on. You know right?

But please do not ask me "make me alike Audrey Hepburn".

I will try, but ... (´Д`。)

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