Monday, October 3, 2011

Potato is Biggest Enemy to Your Weight!

New England Journal of Medicine reported that eating more potato chips and french fries lead to a bigger weight gain over the years than other foods.

Eating more potatoes correlated with a gain of 1.28 pounds in 4 years.
Eating more french fries associated with a 3.35 pounds gain.
And eating more potato chips leaded a gain of 1.69 pounds.
Also the study showed taking more sugary drink, processed meat or red meat leaded a gain of about 1 pound.

On the other hand, the foods induced losing weight were:
Fruits (-0.45lbs)
Vegetable (-0.22lbs)
Whole grains (-0.37lbs)
Yogurt (-0.82lbs)

Marion Nestle, New York University professor of nutrition and public health, expressed surprise that potato products were linked with more weight gain than desserts like cake, cookies and doughnuts, which contribute the most calories.
She says she suspects people who eat potato chips and fries also tend to eat too much in general, making these foods markers for a diet leading to weight gain.

This study was performed by HSPH (Harvard School of Public Health).
Three separate long-term studies covering 120,877 women and men who were not obese and who were healthy when the studies began.
They were mostly white, educated and in the U.S.

I do acupuncture for losing weight and it really work for most patients and not really for few others.
They may eat a lot of potato?

Yeah! I know.
It is the football season.
Beer, french fries or potato chips... yum yum (^~^)

I just finished a bag of potato chips while Jets vs. Ravens last night Ψ(`∀´)Ψ

a big fact is,
you consume energy more than intake, you never gain weight.

You are gaining more weight than intake?
You will get more than $1,000,000,000 & Nobel Prize then.
The discovery is bigger than Albert Einstein did ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノヽ(*゚∀゚)ノ

Super Size Me Please!!

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