Monday, October 24, 2011

Starlight Children's Foundation

I visited an event that Starlight Children's Foundation.

This foundation helps the children who have serious illnesses.

The location was at a residential house.

The owner of this house = hostess was
Kathy Hilton who invited me to this event.

Potato (Oops, it gains your weight. Right?), bread and salad.

Cookies (those were really good. Yes I ate a lot).

Knit shop (L), jewelry shop (R).

Holiday item shop (L), another jewelry shop (R).

Cotton clothes from France.

Bags, coats and...

Interview for TV or Video?(゚_。)?

Make-Up applications and last one (L) is Psychic reader.

Silent auction

Many people were bidding.

A lady got this nice painting.

End of the day I took a pic with another owner of this house,
Rick Hilton.

I wish many of children get better with this foundation. (Even without).

If the god planed that people get illnesses, we -physicians- fight with god.

If you are interested Starlight Children's Foundation,

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