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Superfoods: Cinnamon and Wild Salmon

It is the last post of Superfoods -=≡Σ(((⊃゚∀゚)つ

"Lowers Blood Sugar and Prevents Diabetes"

Cinnamon is well known as a spice, and it lowers blood sugar, cholesterol and blood lipid.

The American Diabetes Association reported in 2003, which a study showed:

The diabetes patients took 1 gram of Cinnamon everyday for 40 days, and their blood sugar and blood lipid level were improved.

In Traditional Oriental Medicine, Cinnamon branch is named GuiZhi (in Chinese, Kei Shi in Japanese).

Its actions are:

Warm body and release the external pathogenic factors.
Adjusts the nutritive and protective Qi level.
Warms the channels and disperses cold.
Unblocks the yang and transforms the Qi.
Warms and facilitates the flow of yang Qi in the chest.
Warms and facilitates the flow in the blood vessels.
 (If you want to know about Qi, Yang or channels, please give me an e-mail or leave comment)

This herb is often used for common cold.
Cinnamon (桂枝)

Cinnamon Rolls

Last Superfood!!!

Wild Salmon
"Prevents Life-cycle Diseases, Produces Beautiful Skin"

Salmon contains docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

These fatty acids prevent arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke, and life-cycle diseases.

Salmon also contains calcium that prevents osteoporosis, and group of vitamin that moisturize skin.

Therefore Salmon is especially good for women.
Wild Salmon Fillet
In Japanese pronounced Sake.
Yes, same pronunciation to "Sake" alcohol.

And mixed up Cinnamon and Salmon:
Walnut Crusted Wild Salmon Kissed w/ Cinnamon
Yum yum...
What is that meaning "Kissed"?(゚_。)?(。_゚)?

Thank you for reading to the end of a series of Superfoods.

I can treat most of mentioned diseases and syndromes by Acupuncture and Oriental Herbs.

However I believe, "prevent them before you get sick" is better idea.

I wish you stay in healthy and...

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