Monday, August 15, 2011

Mission Windshield Replacement

The windshield of My Xterra got a crack a couple weeks ago,

but I couldn't fix it a while because I have been busy a little bit.

I remember I have had same thing with my last (yellow) Xterra about 4 years ago.

I brought that to the dealer and they charged $450.

I was such a depressed.

However A my friend gave me a information.

"N Mission Rd".

There is many auto glass shops locate next by next.

I made some calls for them.

Shops in Southbay said, $179 ~ $225.

And shops on N Mission Rd said, $120 ~ $175+Tax.

Of course I went to the shop who said $120.

"Mission Auto Glass" 323-223-9733.

When I arrived there, another car was installing the audio speakers.
Mine was started right next to them right away.

Removing cracked windshield

No Glass on front

Installing new glass

Almost done.
Of course he likes soccer

I arrived there at 11:15, and they finished at 11:45.

Only 30min ヾ(・ω・`;)ノ

Dealer takes half of a day though!!

Jesse (L) and Manuel (R) took care my Xterra
Thank you for fixing my car

I cannot work anything for cars.

but tell me if YOU have any problem in/on your body

I will fix them (*^0゚)v

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