Saturday, August 20, 2011

Healthy Diet Combinations 2

It is continued from last post.

"Smart Diet Combinations"

Almond & Yogurt

Fat-soluble vitamins* are well absorbed to your body when you take those with fat.

Almond (contain plenty Vitamin E) with yogurt is good combination.

To take carrot, broccoli, peanuts (contain plenty beta carotene) with olive oil are good combinations, too.

By the way, Vitamin A is NOT contained in any vegetable.

Most of 'deeply colored vegetables' contain beta carotene that transform to Vitamin A in your body.

So beta carotene is called 'provitamin'.

Vitamin A deficiency may induce anemia.

I treat anemia by acupuncture and herbs,

but I highly recommend you take enough vitamins and prevent anemia. v(。・・。)

Apple-Cinnamon with Almond Yogurt

*Fat-soluble vitamins:
Vitamin A, D, E, K

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