Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'acupuncture for breast enlargement' to 'do they have milk shake in finland'

My blog -blogger- has the function "stats".

It tells me, "how many people saw which post. how many of reader are using Mc or IE. how many readers live in which country. and more".

One of the functions is, "search words".
It tells me "what words people were searching then came to my blog".

The "search words"are:

Yes, it is this URL, which is on my business card too. Thank you for visiting.

"terra oriental medicine".
Yes, it is my business name. Thank you for finding out.

"acupuncture beverly hills, ca".
Yes, my office locates 441 S. Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, CA.
Please visit if you live in nearby or you come this area.

Yes, I have posted about "euglena castilla".

There is also some of ?(゚_。)? search words:

"acupuncture for breast enlargement".
Yes, I do "acupuncture for breast enlargement", but I do not think I have mentioned about it in this blog.
Have I?
Pretty many people have visited by this search word.

"nickel cadmium batteries colorful".
Yes, I wrote about nickel cadmium battery, but what is the "colorful"?

"girl on yellow xterra".
Yes, I used to drive "yellow Xterra", but I am a boy!

Funniest search word is,
"do they have milkshake in finland".
I don't know.
I think so.
Don't they?

thank you for visiting my blog all the time.
I am trying to post as much as I can.
And I am trying to make those "useful and/or funny".


My Yellow Xterra,
I drove off this in March 2011.

Remember? You learned about this in your biology class.

Canned Milk Shake
I loved this.
You can drink this very cold in summer and warm up in winter.

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