Monday, August 22, 2011

City Life Rural Life

Most city dwellers may think,
"rural life is healthy, because air is clean, foods are fresh and moving body in daily life".
However, Country Health Ranking reported, "city dwellers are healthier and have longer life than rural people".

Wall Street Journal announced that many city area used to have problems such as pollutions, crimes, traffic jams and infectious diseases, but these are getting better now.
On the other hand, obesity rate in rural area is higher than city area.
Over-weight rate in children in city area is 30%, and 36% in rural.
More people are in lack of exercise and/or smoking in rural area compare to city area, which induce diabetes, stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure.

Suicide rate in city areas is 13 out of 100,000 people and 18 in rural.
In truth, most healthy area is the suburbs.
There is least number of early death, premature birth, suicide and STD.

Of course these data are not applied to all areas.
Some researches report people in some rural area have long life too.

Age, income and educational background are highly possible to be the factors of 'the city healthier than rural'.
Average income in city area is $53,000, $39,000 in rural area and $60,000 in suburbs
And rural people tend to have lower educational background than other areas.
Another reason is the medical support.
25% of people live in rural area in U.S., but only 10% of medical practitioners are there.
Ambulance comes to you when you got a car accident about in 10 minutes in average in city area, but it takes 19 minutes in rural area.
Therefore 66% of traffic deaths are occurred in rural area.

On the other hand, children who grew up in rural area have less number of asthma, allergy, and autoimmune disorders.

Do you want to spend your old age in countryside?
Or in the city?

Midosuji Street in Osaka:
6 lanes of One way street

Minoo falls in Osaka
I lived in neighbor.
You should be careful to your snack,
otherwise monkeys get it! ⊂((〃'⊥'〃))⊃

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