Friday, December 2, 2011

Traditional Oriental Wind & Modern Wind

God of the Wind

In Traditional Oriental Medicine, we consider there are 6 exogenous evil (pathogenic) factors.

Heat evil (Netsu-jya) or Fire evil (Ka-jya)
Cold evil (Kan-jya)
Summer heat evil (Sho-Jya)
Damp evil (Shitsu-jya)
Dry evil (Sou-jya)
Wind evil (Fu-jya)

Common cold and flu are categorized to Wind evil in most of cases.

Wind often attacks the upper body, head throat, and eyes.
It usually involves symptoms of twitching, spasms, or shaking.
The organ most often affected by external Wind is the Lung.

By the way,
Another Wind that is defined by modern science became the evil from evening of Nov. 30th to morning of Dec. 1st.
This is the evening of Nov. 30th in Brentwood

Even MSN Japan reported this happening.

4 pictures above are in Pasadena

We cannot avoid getting accident sometime, but I hope you stay safe and healthy.

Did human being make God of the Wind angry? w( ̄△ ̄;)w

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