Friday, December 23, 2011

Chrismas Cards Returned

Thank you for reading my blog <(_ _*)>.

I had 3,000 view in this one month. m(_ _)m Arigato.

Many people read from India too.

ミ★(=^・・^)v Thanks!!★彡
Also thank you for helping for customer support (*^ー゚)b.

I was slowing down to post this blog lately, but not on purpose.

because I was writing Christmas cards.

Those were about 200.

My tongue became something wrong (´∩`。).

Some of cards are returned every single year.
They may have moved or I misread the address.

Have not you received it yet?
Although you have not moved?

This card supposed be yours...

I would like to take this opportunity...


Santa Run in Osaka (1,500 people participated this year)
Participants must buy the costume
the proceeds are donated to Incurable Disease Children

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