Monday, December 19, 2011

Before Acupuncture for Neck Shoulder Pain

I supposed to post this about 10 days ago.
So it is not really timely, but anyway...

It is the season.

I think I posted (maybe not) few weeks ago, which many people complained one next to another "Lower Backache" because the climate changed with atmosphere pressure down in that time.

Now Neck and Shoulders.

Many people complain "Neck Pain and Shoulder Pain" on next to another lately,
because air temperature dropped.

Most of people cover themselves by blanket when they sleep, but neck shoulder areas.

The areas are exposed in cold air in the early morning.
Then the muscles are contracted without your notice (either without your permission Ψ(`∀´)Ψ).

It is the best.
Stretching before you get injury is of course better,
but after you got the injury, still stretching is good.

Keep 15 to 20 seconds in one posture with regular breath.

"Heat pad" is good in most of case, but it has an adverse effect.

It may overheat the injury, which means making inflammation worse.

"WHEN stop heating" is a difficult point.

I rather Icing before shower than using heat.
It is safer.

I know you are busy.
I know you do not have time to take care yourself.
I know your case is different to others.

Surely, I can help these injuries with acupuncture, but I really recommend preventing these injuries before they occur.
(゚ー^*)d ♪

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