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Seasoning for Sliming Belly

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Mustard, Wasabi, ginger, scallion...
Many seasoning are come with Japanese dishes.

These seasonings have various different effects, but these have some common effects too.

These commonly have:
Extinguish bad odor
Bactericidal effect
Orexigenic effect
Anorectic action
Promote metabolism

Individual seasonings' effects:


Allyl isothiocyanate attacks your nose like in fire, which highly effects to bactericidal.
Prevents food poisoning.
Expedites secretion of digestive fluid, which prevents constipation.
Prevents blood clots, and strengthen bone.

Karashi (Japanese mustard)
The burning nose sensation comes from allyl isothiocyanate as Wasabi.
Karashi's effects are mostly same as Wasabi.
However, these effects are volatile, so you better knead them right before use.

Shouga (ginger)
Contained Shogaol promotes perspiration, alleviates fever, anti-inflammation.
Helps digestion and expedites blood circulation, which eliminates constipation. These improve metabolic syndrome.
In addition, temperature-keeping effect prevents sensitivity to cold, stiff shoulder, and lower backache.
It is used as poultice since long time ago.

Negi (scallion)
Scallion contains plenty diallyl sulfide and vitamin C, which control active oxygen.
Help absorption of vitamin B1, expedites metabolism of sugar, and expedites burning fat in blood.
It lowers the cholesterol level and prevents blood clots.
It is good for recovery from fatigue.

Tougarashi (red pepper)
Red pepper contains plenty capsaicin that regulates intestine and burns fat, which prevents obesity.
And capsaicin lowers viscosity of blood and makes circulation better.

Everything so-so is good.
If you over intake these seasoning, which may be cause of stomachache, stomach ulcer, or diarrhea.
Enjoy your meals so-so amount with so-so seasoning and consume calories more than intake.
Now, you never get fat anymore. ψ(`∇´)ψ

By the way,
I knew about this ginger,
but I did not this Karashi
by Naruto Shippuden

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