Thursday, January 19, 2012

Japanese Acupuncturist's Bike Repair

More than 200 of people visited my old post, "Taking Vitamin E Increases Risk of Prostate Cancer" in this one week.
<(_ _*)> Thank you.
Whatever too much is not good.
If you think you have a Prostate Cancer, see Cancer specialist ASAP.

It is very cold this week.

Was highest around 60-degree F?
(My Cincinnati friend said, there is 30-degree F though {{{{(+ω+)}}}})

Isn't this cold hurting your body?

I don't know that because this cold or not,
but my bike's both pedals are broken anyway.

When I asked my friend "how to tighten brake wires" a while ago,
she said, "Go to Beverly Hills Bike Shop".
(She is a great rider. She tripped from SF to Santa Monica by bike last year.)

O.K. now.
I decided to go there for buying, installing pedals, and tighten wires.
Right before I go there, I saw some reviews on Internet.
Few of the reviews said, "They overcharge".
Those scared me, but I believed my friend and went.

I say the man (owner or manager) is not very friendly, but still nice enough.
Mechanics are very friendly and repaired my bike right away, although he was working for another one.
A pair of pedals is only $25.
Of course you can find cheaper one in Target or Amazon, but they did not ask me labor fee.

Brake wires are tight now.
All of joints are tight too, which I did not even ask them.
I repair problems of your body,
but if your bike has a problem...
I suggest you go there (*^ー゚)b ♪,
if you are in the area.

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