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Japanese Acupuncturist Thinks About Your Fat

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Are you thinking about losing weight with hard exercise?

I know you gained a little bit in holiday season.
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is hard exercise really effective?

Hard or vigorous exercise may be not effective method for burning body fat by exercise.

Surely, exercise is necessary to make a body "easy to lean" by increasing volume of muscle and increase metabolism.

However, the important thing is exercising with moderate intensity for burning fat effectively.

Because enough oxygen is needed for exercise transforms body fat to energy for moving muscle.

Too hard exercise disturbs your breathing, which means you cannot supply enough oxygen to cells, which your body cannot burn fat effectively.

On the other hand, too easy exercise cannot intake enough oxygen either.

what is the "moderate exercise"?

You can use heart beat rate to know moderate exercise intensity.
Mmm.... It's cool, isn't it!?

"Maximal heart rate" is the....  you can guess, right?

Most effective intensity for burning fat is about 60 to 70% of Maximal heart rate.

Calculation method:
1. Maximal heart rate is near equal to (220 - your age).
2. Check your heart rate in resting /min.
3. Substitute above for next formula.
(Maximal heart rate - heart rate in rest) x 0.6 + heart rate in rest
*If you are 40 years old, and heart rate in rest is 70/min.
220 - 40 = 180 = Maximal heart rate.
(180 - 70) x 0.6 + 70 = 136
So this 40 years old person with exercise that hard as 136 HR/min. is most effectively burning fat.

This chart indicates little bit lower than my idea
Did you understand?

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