Monday, March 21, 2011

Farewell X TERRA

As you know my car has been Nissan Xterra.
Yes, Terra drives Xterra.

Solar yellow Xterra.

The lease term was going to be over in 3 months.

But this car already had 6,766miles over mileage.

So I decided return it before the end of term, because the over mileage penalty was increasing.

I found a good looking car.

It is good looking, good gas mileage, not expensive, very powerful and compact.

Yes, compact.

That was too compact to me (१▽१*)

And what I chose is,


Burgundy Xterra!!


Terra still drives Xterra.

Thank you Yellow Xterra. I have a lot of great memories with you. (१▽१*)

And Burgundy Xterra. Let's make a lot of wonderful memories. p(*^-^*)q

The Inheriting Ceremony,

And thank you Mr. Mike Kope the Fleet Manager in Gardena Nissan.
He is very nice.

I peeped a paper that was full of numbers.

He did not really take the profit.

Now I wish Gas Price is going to be low 。・゚゚・(>_<;)・゚゚・。

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