Monday, March 7, 2011


I drive Nissan XTERRA.

Yes, TERRA drives XTERRA. (v ̄▽ ̄)

But XTERRA's lease term is almost over.

What should I drive next.

I like XTERRA, but its gas mileage is not really good.

O.K. Let me see what cars are on the street.

Oh! I found an SUV what I like

"Land Rover"

It is little bit too pricey to me.

Oh! nice car is at parking meters.

Yeah nice! .... sure nice!! (;´▽`A``

What cars are driving?


Another "BMW" is followed by "Jaguar".



Yeah! it is Beverly Dr, a lot of rich people are driving the street.

O.K. Let me see in an alley.

"Prancing Horse"

My friend, Joan a French guy called me.

"Hey Terra! What are you taking picture for?"
"If you are going to buy new car, buy same as mine. It's great!!"
Yes.... I know... It is sure "great".

The Governor Terminator was driving same car another color when I saw him.

I better not see cars in Beverly Hills... maybe...

Do you have any recommendation?

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