Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vitamin D & Calcium

People said, "we should take a lot of Calcium" in about 30 years ago.

We ate a lot of small fish in Japan.

Public elementary schools served a bottle of milk every single day for all kids.

Now a day, we know only half of human beings can digest milk appropriately.

In 21st century, especially in United States, Many people are taking many of food supplement tubs.

I think a Multi-vitamin is enough for most people.

You were wasting your money, time and health.

Vitamin D & Calcium supplements are not needed and could be harmful. (click here)

I was talking about this in past 20 years.

I mention about Vitamin C at here because the article does not do so.

Overtaking of vitamin C bring you Urolith, diarrhea, stomach ulcer and so on.

You should not take vitamin C more than 1,000 mg in one day.
If you take 1,000mg of vitamin C from lemon, you should have 1kg (2.2lbs) of lemon juice.
It is impossible in general.
So it is happen usually overtaking of "Vitamin C supplements".

I always talk to people, "do not believe rumors".

But I think many people still continue to take many food supplements, drugs and surgeries.

It is too late if you regret after died.
My favorite light sparkling soda.
These says, 160ml can = vitamin c of 22 lemons
250ml can = vitamin c of 35 lemons
I did not know about it.
Do not drink too much w( ̄△ ̄;)w

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