Friday, January 28, 2011

National Flag

I may better not write about politic things in my blog if I am smart.

But I do not think I am smart enough so I write some.

I am proud of being Japanese.

I like American people, people from other countries, and maybe people live in other countries.

But still I am proud of being Japanese, I live in United States though.

I like Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese friends, Japanese history and so on...

Present Japanese government? mmm.......(~ヘ~;)

Especially culture and history are not created by few hundred people's brain.

Those are made by million billion humans.

This news made me so sad and poor feeling, but better than worst.

High court OKs making teachers stand, sing 'Kimigayo' at events. (click here)

Of course these crap teachers should be punished.

Now I found a fact.

Because these teachers are teaching kids in schools, Japan cannot get out from horrible situation more than 10 years.

I hope Japan kick out these teachers who did not stand for Hinomaru national flag to out of country.

But do not kick them toward to United States.

I do not have any time to play with these craps.

Also I am not that much tolerate \(*`∧´)/

 Hinomaru National Flag with Lyrics of Kimigayo Anthem

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